Formally Newcastle-under-Lyme Housing, the organisation was to break away with a vision of a new name, a new identity and a whole new outlook.

After extensive research and focus group sessions, we were able to help Aspire Housing arrive at their new name along with a new brand identity.

Aspire now provides around 20,000 customers with quality affordable homes and services across North Staffordshire and South Cheshire.

Aspire Housing (now the Aspire Group) has a relationship with Jackson Hammond stretching over more than 10 years. They produced our original Aspire Housing logo and branding when the company made the transition from being plain Newcastle-under-Lyme Housing in 2002. More recently they have supported us in rationalising our rather confusing and disjointed array of brands developed or inherited as the group has expanded. They have fulfilled our brief of producing design identities that are individual and distinctive to the member companies but which still work as part of a group family. Their creative ability is excellent, coupled with sound strategic advice, humour, patience and understanding.